Através do Vidro 2018 or Through Glass BR/DK

This new page on this site is beeying borned to tell the brazilians whats happening this year in our project, and the danish people, what is about this project - Through Glass BR/DK

And…What will be happening here (in Denmark), and there ( in Brasil) !


That will be very exciting!!! :)

This picture was chosen, as a simbólic piece I think it is for me.

Created in 2007 for Contemporary art Museum of São Paulo, under the subject- 

 Denunciation and reconstruction - 2008 - 900 bottles of empty perfume's, in a 2 mts iron

                                                                          Glass Ball


the picture is from the piece in a special day for Culture in São Paulo. The malabar inside distrebuted pieces of melted glass for the citizens in the centrum of the city - VIRADA CULTURAL 2011